Drug Sheet

The WATCh Drug Sheet has been developed over many years to provide a rapid means for drawing up common drugs and infusions used in emergency paediatric situations. It reflects current practice within the lead PICUs served by WATCh in Bristol and Cardiff.

The Drug Sheet is regularly updated in response to best evidence, changes in practice and user demand. Most recently key equipment calculations have been added, including suggested initial ET tube size and length; sizes of suction catheters, urinary catheters and chest drains; iv fluid bolus volumes and energy selection for defibrillation. The Drug Sheet will also estimate a weight for a child using APLS formulae. We have also added calculations for infusions of Tranexamic Acid and Metaraminol in response to clinician feedback.

The Drug Sheet may be downloaded and printed out from the website each time it is used, or may be saved to a local computer for speed of access: however, locally saved copies will not update to the latest version which will always be available from the website.

The WATCh Drug Sheet and its parent versions have been used for many years in tens of thousands of emergency situations. Whilst an enormous amount of effort has been made to ensure that the sheet is free from error, it still MUST remain the responsibility of the prescriber to ensure all doses are correct before they are administered.

The authors will accept neither responsibility nor liability for any drug administration errors.

If you have any comments or queries about the WATCh Drug Sheet, please email us at watch@uhbristol.nhs.uk